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Welcome to Circle Auto Leasing

With over 15 years of industry experience, Circle Auto Leasing is working tirelessly on putting our clients in cars of their dreams, hassle free, for less - something they never thought was possible! We are pioneering an entirely new approach to car search and leasing. Circle offers complete, "one stop shop" service defying traditional wisdom requiring people to go through an extremely time consuming, aggravating, tedious and frustrating process of driving from dealership to dealership, finally finding and settling on a certain car, and last but not least, negotiating the price and the terms of the contract! It sounds too good to be true, but Circle Auto Leasing does all of that for you, hassle free for less! That’s because Circle Auto Leasing employs a totally opposite strategy and implements quite different tactics then car dealers. We are dedicated to working with the client on not only finding the most optimal make and model from the whole spectrum of manufacturers, but getting that one and only car you dreamed of even if it’s located on the other end of the continent on not even manufactured yet, something you could never thought was financially and physically feasible!